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         .mega {
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         .weare {
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         background-size: 0, cover;
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         hr {
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         .greeet {
         .enhance {
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         .nop {
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             width: 30%;
         .iptxt {
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             background: #000;
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<span class="blue glow animated infinite flash" style="font-size: 30pt;"> Team_CC</span>
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<span style="color:#fff;font-family: 'Play', sans-serif;">Sec_d@rk | DArK R00T | 3xPlOi73r~X3D
Kazi Shaheb | xc0d30ffx | H1D3N R00T
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PO!SONOUS R3B3L | Gray Byt3 | H!de Khan | Meghla 4kaSh | MRX &</span><br>
<span style="color:#FF0000;font-family: 'Play', sans-serif;">All Muslim Hackers </span>
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